• ​Never Be Caught Off Guard Again

Gevity for You

If you’ve had a major health scare, the time to act is NOW.  A heart attack, stroke or other major health event usually hits after 40, but whatever age, don’t waste a moment in denial or apathy. 

If you don’t take stock of your health and make changes, you’re likely to face degeneration, discomfort, disease and, ultimately, premature death.

Reduce your risk of 
major health scares ​with 
fundamental care for your health

It’s time to take notice, learn, change, accept help, be accountable to yourself and others, effect real change, and – most importantly – safely rehabilitate and extend your health expectancy.

Gevity gives you the tools to turn a negative diagnosis into a positive, life-saving event.  Let Gevity improve the connection with your doctor and ensure you’re always ahead of the game.  Gevity helps guard you against poor health and all its devastating consequences for you and your family.

Live life, while Gevity...

  • easily and proactively tracks your health progress by seamlessly connecting to wireless devices
  • centralises all the information needed by you and your care team – general practitioners, specialists, nurses, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, family – to monitor your daily health
  • supports comprehensive care plans, including rehabilitation, medications, nutrition and exercise
  • highlights your personal risk profile so you can understand the impact of your actions