• Make A Future Without Surprises

Gevity for You

Lifestyle risks begin in the womb and have a cumulative effect throughout your life.  Keeping track of multiple health indicators means you and your clinician can track visible and invisible health determinates so there are no surprises.

Getting a clear picture of your health and taking responsibility for your lifestyle choices are the first steps toward good health. Without good health your quality of life decreases, while your risk of degeneration, disease and death increase.

Make lasting improvements to your health, 
 relative to your lifestyle risks to
​prevent major health events

Most risk factors can be controlled by changes to activity and stress levels, food choices and medication. Gevity helps you make real lifestyle changes – large and small – that will reap short, medium and long-term rewards for you and your family.

It’s time to get real and let Gevity be your coach and conscience. There’s no short-cut to good health, but Gevity makes it easy to plan and track your risk factors, monitor your progress, and wirelessly communicate your health data to your doctor.


Avoid surprises by letting Gevity...

  • help you make amends for years of poor lifestyle choices
  • provide the insight and tools to prevent chronic diseases
  • give day-by-day prompts to adhere to your exercise and nutrition plans
  • highlight your personal risk profile to reveal the impact of your actions
  • centralise all the information needed to monitor your daily health