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Enhance Your Workplace With Healthy Habits

We all know the flow-on effects of healthy employees. They are happier, more engaged, more productive and more likely to stay with you.  And in the current competitive climate, this is all the more important.  

The Gevity health management platform supports a healthy lifestyle, encouraging your employees to engage in the activities they love.  At the same time, if desired, you can set corporate and team challenges to get a little healthy competition going!

Encourage, Empower, Exceed

Gevity is easy to use and provides the right motivation to help your employees create healthy habits. But the insights that Gevity provides are not only useful to your staff, but also to your company as a whole. 

Analytics help you understand your employees health and wellbeing in an instant, making it easy for you to monitor your employees and coach them to make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve their overall health.


The foundation to developing a healthy habit is to establish a personalised health plan, comprised of the appropriate exercise, nutrition, medication and monitoring activities. Your employees will love the tailored plans provided by your fitness. and wellness experts.


To motivate employees to stick to their health plans, create associated challenges and rewards. They will love the experience and be more engaged with their health. You are in complete control of all incentives, which you can tweak over time.


The power of Gevity is the ability to give your employees insight into their health and understand how choices now can impact their long-term health risks.

...and Compete!

Individual employee engagement can often be enhanced with the introduction of a bit of 'healthy' competition.  Gevity's in-built gamification engine, that drives the challenges and rewards described above, can be extended to allow team-based competition.

Employees can be allocated into teams of your choosing.  All members of these teams can be assigned the same challenge.  Gevity will track individual and team performance, as they complete activities on their health plan.

Leaderboard Tracks Team Progress

Teams are able to compete head-to-head and can see in an instance where they are placed.

For each team, the top three performing employees are also shown, if desired. There is a security setting for each challenge, that determines whether the names of individual employees are shown. Regardless, the health status of employees is never shared, only their accumulated points.

As an employer, you choose the rewards for the winning team.  It is a fantastic way to get your employees engaged with their health.

Team Members See Their Contribution

Each employee is able to see the contribution they are making to the team's total points. This is displayed via a pie chart with a comparison to the team members adjacent them on the team leaderboard.

Depending on the privacy settings, the employee may not be able to see the name of each of the other team members contributions.  This is an appropriate way to configure the challenge, if the team members are not well known to each other.

Team Members See Where They Rank

In a similar way to the Contributions screen, each team member can see how they ranking inside their team via the team leaderboard on the Rankings screen.

As before, depending on the privacy settings of the challenges, employees may not be able to see the names of the other team members.

What Makes Gevity So Special?

Gevity not only provides a platform for you to gather all the health data your need to effectively manage the health of your workforce, but also gives clarity to employees of all the activities they need to focus on for good health. 

All employees can be monitored, no matter where they happen to be located and can use devices and apps they already use and love. 

When you have this wealth of health data, analytics helps you drive better health nudges and really improve workforce health.

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