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Engage Customers Like Never Before

The Gevity health management platform importantly drives customer engagement on two levels. 

Firstly, customers are more engaged in their own health and are truly motivated to make lasting change.  

Secondly, customers are more engaged with you, their insurer. 

Identify, Inform, Improve

Gevity is easy to use – even for those less technically-savvy customers  one less barrier to helping your insurance customers create healthy habits.  The analytics in Gevity help you understand each customer’s health status and future risk in an instant, allowing timely interventions when required.


The foundation to developing a healthy habit is to establish a personalised health plan, comprised of the appropriate exercise, nutrition, medication and monitoring activities. Your insured customers will love the tailored plans provided by your fitness. and wellness experts.


To motivate customers to stick to their health plans, create associated challenges and rewards. They will love the experience and be more engaged with their health. You are in complete control of all incentives, which you can tweak over time.


Understand your customer better than ever before.  Knowing about their health is only the starting point.  Over time you will know their preferences, what motivates them and how to engage with them for best effect.  Valuable insight to propel your insurance business.


What Makes Gevity So Special?

Whether you’re a health insurer or life insurer, health and wellness of your customers is very important to you.

But achieving lasting value to your insurance company won’t come from just throwing some random wearable technology at your customers. 

You need to encourage customer engagement – and then be ready for it when it comes. This means integrating your customers’ health and wellness into all the relevant parts of your insurance business.


Value Proposition for Insurers

Gevity is not just a ‘bolt-on’ technology to track your customers’ steps.  It is designed to deliver value into every corner of your insurance business - from product development to claims and retention.


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