Using Gevity as a Clinician

Gevity is designed to help you better serve your patients, especially those who are managing chronic conditions.  


Working individually or as part of a care team, you can assign your patients completely personalised interventions.  These may include activities related to their diet, exercise or their medications / supplements.  You can also assign certain monitoring activities, such as periodically measuring their weight or blood pressure. 


The patient will be prompted, via Gevity notifications, to complete the assigned health-related activities.  As they do so, health data from patients' wireless fitness and medical devices is automatically sent to the secure Gevity cloud, allowing it to be viewed by anyone in the patient's care team.


Gevity analyses incoming health data, highlighting triggers against a clinician's pre-defined alerts and prompts timely follow-up.  At any time, the patient's health data can be viewed through the Gevity clinician portal. 

During consultations you are able to discuss your patient's progress toward better health, along with adherence to their personalised interventions.

Why Use Gevity?

  • Centralises all the vital health data needed by a care team to monitor patients
  • Gevity helps you focus more intently on patient care
  • Shared data empowers clinicians to identify early warning signs and prioritise patient load
  • Supports comprehensive care plans, including rehabilitation, medications, nutrition and exercise
  • Day-by-day prompts for patients to increase compliance with rehabilitation, medication, exercise and nutrition plans.
  • Easily and proactively tracks health progress against goals.
  • Builds a long-term picture which provides valuable insight to health professionals.

How Gevity Can Improve Your Practice

Gevity was created with the goal of empowering clinicians with valuable information to improve patient care and practice efficiency. The three screens below – Patient Observations, Health Interventions and Compliance – show how Gevity dovetails with the core activities of your busy practice.  

Patient Observations

View patient observations taken remotely. Gevity takes a multitude of different readings, from steps to weight to blood pressure.  Gevity also lets you set alerts (for one individual or a cohort of patients), so you are notified if something of interest occurs. 

Healthy Interventions

  • Health Plans are comprised of four sub-plans: 
  • i) Exercise
    ii) Nutrition
    iii) Medication
    iv) Self-monitoring.

  • Plans can have recurring entries to support schedules ranging from multiple times a day through to weekly or monthly schedules.
  • You can hide plans that are not relevant to your consultation and/or discussion.
  • Supports GP Management Plans and Team Based Care Plans.
  • Allows all members of the care team to contribute to and monitor the plans.

Patient Compliance

  • Displays a patient’s compliance against the various entries in their Health Plan.
  • Importantly, allows you to identify compliance issues with medication management plans.
  • Facilitates meaningful discussions with patients about their compliance and what changes are needed to their Health Plan.
  • You are able to specify the date range that you are interested in. For example, you may wish to set the date range to be the period since your patient’s last consultation.

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