• Have Peace of Mind For the Future

Gevity for You

Optimise your health and maximise your opportunities for work, play, family, sport, mental health … your future … whatever your age.

Once upon a time, being ‘slim’ and able to jog around the block meant we were ‘healthy’. However, we now know that hidden factors like visceral fat (surrounding your organs), high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels are equally important health indicators.

Insights let you take control of your future

When you’re young and physically resilient, motivated and free of chronic diseases, it’s easy to think that poor health is for older people.   However, the fact is, your actions today – both positive and negative – predict your future health status. 

It makes sense to ensure your actions build, rather than destroy, your health. Gevity uses clinically proven algorithms to calculate your personal risk profile.  This risk profile quantifies your heart age, as well as your likelihood of developing a chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.

But being health conscious isn’t restricted to the young.  Anyone – at any age – will gain enormous benefit from monitoring their vital health data.  Gevity is a perfect match for anyone wanting to define their baseline health and steer toward a healthier future.


Live life to the fullest while Gevity...

  • centralises information from wearable devices and your favourite apps to keep everything in one place
  • provides continuity of health data, even when you change devices or apps
  • quantifies your personal risk profile to help you steer toward a healthier future, free of chronic conditions
  • provides a baseline against which to measure your success
  • builds a long-term picture providing valuable insight to health providers, if it is ever needed