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Care, Independent Of Where

We understand that the delivery of care can be complex. The variety of clientele and range of health conditions means juggling a vast array of staff skills and service offerings.  

Providing timely care to the right person at the right time requires understanding each client’s current health status, wherever they may be. Whether residing in a retirement village, residental aged care facility or in their own home, the Gevity health management platform helps you gather health data and care plan compliance from your clients, helping you manage your clients to improved lifestyles.

With this approach, you can set your company apart from the growing crowd of care providers.  Be known as the provider that puts your clients' health at the centre of their care.

Regulate, Reinforce, Redefine

Gevity is easy to use – even for those less technically-savvy elderly clients  one less barrier to helping your clients create healthy habits. The analytics in Gevity help you understand each client’s health status and future risk in an instant, allowing timely interventions when required.


The foundation to developing a healthy habit is to establish a personalised health plan, comprised of the appropriate exercise, nutrition, medication and monitoring activities. Your clients will love the tailored plans provided by your health experts.


To motivate clients to stick to their health plans, create associated challenges and rewards. They will love the experience and be more engaged with their health. You are in complete control of all incentives, which you can tweak over time.


The power of Gevity is the ability to give your clients insight into their health and understand how choices now can impact their long-term health risks.


What Makes Gevity So Special?

Gevity not only provides a platform for you to gather all the health data you need to effectively manage the health of your clients, but also gives clarity to the activities they need to achieve good health.  The Gevity platform is built to support the management of chronic conditions, focusing on the lifestyle interventions that you designate are best for your clients.

All clients can be easily monitored, no matter where they happen to be located. When you have this wealth of health data, analytics helps you drive better interventions that can really improve the health of your clients.

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