• Take Control of Your Future

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Chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease can emerge as early as your 20s, as the cumulative effects of your life’s decisions emerge. Diagnosis of a chronic condition is a huge red flag that should prompt immediate action from you and your health professionals. Without change, these diseases only get worse and you’re more likely to develop other chronic diseases.

Prevention and control involve the same factors: maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise and controlling things like blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.  Whatever age you’re diagnosed – from your 20s to your 80s – controlling your risk factors helps you regain control of your health and your future.

Don't let chronic disease run your life

Gevity provides a simple way for you, your family and health providers to monitor your chronic disease, coordinate care plans, set goals and chart a path to better health.

Don’t let a chronic disease escalate into a major health event.  Take control now and focus on living your life knowing that your daily health is being monitored between review appointments.


Live life, while Gevity...

  • provides the insight and tools to help stop the progression of chronic diseases
  • highlights your personal risk profile so you can understand the impact of your actions
  • easily and proactively tracks your health progress by seamlessly connecting to wireless devices
  • centralises all the information needed by you and your care team – specialists, exercise physiologists, general practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, family – to monitor your daily health
  • supports your comprehensive care plans, including rehabilitation, medications, nutrition and exercise