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The recent and ongoing global health crisis has shifted the behaviours and preferences of customers across all industry sectors. The fitness and wellness market has not been spared from this seismic shift.

Coming out of the pandemic, members are looking for different approaches from their fitness and wellness providers. Approaches that not only cater for the need for new hygiene standards and social distancing, but that can be delivered remotely and are more personalised.  

Your challenge as a fitness provider is to change your mindset to one where you focus on member engagement, not just when the member is physically with you at your place, but when they are at theirs. 

A mindset where you are providing them a valuable service, no matter where they are or when they choose to focus on their fitness.

A mindset where you are positioning your services to fit in with your members' lives, not the other way around.

Manage, Motivate, Move

Gevity is easy to use and provides the right motivation to create healthy habits. But those insights are not just useful for your members. Analytics help you understand your members health and wellbeing in an instant, allowing you to take appropriate action to improve member engagement and increase satisfaction.


The foundation to developing a healthy habit is to establish a personalised health plan, comprised of the appropriate exercise, nutrition, medication and monitoring activities. Your members will love the tailored plans provided by your fitness and wellness experts.


To motivate members to stick to their health plans, create associated challenges and rewards. They will love the experience and be more engaged with their health. You are in complete control of all incentives, which you can tweak over time.


The power of Gevity is the ability to give your members insight into their health and understand how choices now can impact their long-term health risks.


What Makes Gevity So Special?

As a fitness or wellness provider, your core business is the health and physical wellbeing of your members. Gevity supports this core business in a holistic way.  

It's not just about providing a member with workouts. Sure, with Gevity you can specify details about exercise and stretching  workouts, along with associated reps, sets, directions and videos. However better than that, Gevity also makes it easy to provide your members guidance around other things like eating well, hydration, sleep and appropriate supplements.  

Your members will be prompted to engage with all aspects of their health, along with notifications to perform particular monitoring activities like checking their weight or body fat.

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