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We want to create a healthier world… starting with you! 

Gevity is a health management platform that helps improve your long term health through the creation of healthy habits. It does this by helping you to capture a plan of healthy activites, track your progress using your favourite devices & apps and understand your ongoing lifestyle risk.  

Easy Empowering ​Engaging

Gevity is easy to use and provides the right motivation to create healthy habits.  But those insights are not just useful for your members.  Analytics help you understand your members health and wellbeing in an instant, allowing you to take appropriate action to improve member engagement and increase satisfaction.


The foundation to developing a healthy habit is to establish a personalised health plan, comprised of the appropriate exercise, nutrition, medication and monitoring activities. Your members will love the tailored plans provided by your fitness. and wellness experts.


The ability to track changes to your health is a key aspect in further improving upon your overall health. With Gevity you can easily track any developments made to a variety of different elements of your health, allowing you to comprehending view your progress and make better, more educated, choices regarding your health. 


To motivate members to stick to their health plans, create associated challenges and rewards. They will love the experience and be more engaged with their health. You are in complete control of all incentives, which you can tweak over time.

Who is Gevity For?

Gevity is for anyone who wants to improve their general health and wellbeing, by doing the things they love to do.  It provides the tools and insight to easily track vital health indicators - such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, BMI and physical activity - to reduce your risk of health problems in the future.

Knowledge is power, and Gevity empowers you to maximise your good health while enjoying the activities you love. If you’re a gym junkie, great! If fishing is more your thing, that’s great too! We know the key to your success is to do more of the healthy stuff and less of the other.

What Does Gevity Work With?

Gevity is designed to work wirelessly with the apps and device you love.  This allows you to use the apps and devicers that best work for you and witout the need to re-enter data into Gevity.  It all works seamlessly in the background - monitoring your health is easy and fun!

The apps and devices fall into six categories.

Comprehensive Health Plan

The Gevity Health Plan is comprised of four different plans – medication, monitoring, nutrition
and exercise – developed by you or experts such as exercise physiologists, dietitians, personal trainers, physiotherapists or GPs.

For example, if you've consulted an exercise physiologist and a dietician, they will have prescribed a series of exercise, dietary and health supplements plus, perhaps, monthly monitoring of blood pressure.

After entering these requirements into your Health Plan, Gevity consolidates your actions onto one simple screen, allowing you. to focus just on what needs to be done today.

If you are sharing you data with others (e.g. your exercise physiologist), they're able to track your progress and help you adjust your goals as your health begins to improve.

Master your health, one step at a time, one day at a time.

Easy To Use Dashboard

The Gevity Dashboard shows your health status at a glance.  As your data streams in from wireless devices, it’s summarised across 7 multifaceted areas. shows your health status at a glance.  As your data streams in from wireless devices, it’s summarised across 7 multifaceted areas.

Your progress in each area is represented as a coloured circle, so it’s very easy to tell if you’re on track to meeting your health goals and clinical targets.very easy to tell if you’re on track to meeting your health goals and clinical targets.

All the information you need to achieve balanced health.

Powerful Insights Driving Change

Gevity’s Risk Profile uses the same clinically proven algorithms used by doctors to predict your future health risks.

Using the health data captured via the Dashboard, Gevity automatically calculates the likelihood of future health events, such as heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

This helps you understand how your current health and lifestyle choices directly affect your long-term wellbeing.

Powerful insight helping maximise both life and health expectancy.

Connect to Those Who Care

Monitoring your own health with Gevity is very valuable , however in cases where you are supported by a care team, you can share this information to achieve more value.  Using shared monitoring you can allow your health data to be viewed wirelessly and securely by nominated health professionals and family members.  This allows your care network to assess your health at a glance and make accurate and educated decisions about your treatment and health. 

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